Introducing simple data modelling approach to improve the way we deal with Accessibility Identifier's in SwiftUI


Long story short: I really don't like to see loose strings flying around, so when I saw the way we normally set accessibility identity it really bugged me.

Looking at the Swift API, there is another case that bugged me in the past but now has a solution: Notifications

Implementing Use Cases in Swift

What is a Use Case?


By Uncle Bob's definition, a Use Case is basically an Interactor, which is responsible for encapsulating our Business Logic, and should have a well defined intention. But in the real world, it's very common to end up with bloated Interactors, in architectures like VIP/Clean and…

Creating buttons is something we have to do very often…
What if you could simplify their configuration with a simple extension?

The Apple Way

To configure a button action we normally set it’s action from a selector and that’s it…

The Extension

A button have an action, which is defined as a selector.
A selector

Eduardo Sanches Bocato

iOS Engineer, AI enthusiast, Crossfit/Gymnastics. Currently working as iOS Lead @adidas

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